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Harsh marine environment and heavy use may cause damages to structures, leading to the need for steel repairs and maintenance. Our riding crews are experienced in provide services for mantaining and repairing vessels.

Discover the Real Shipyard in a Box service: fully certified teams with seaman book and BOSIET offshore training, backed by a company that is part of a group with more than 30 years of experience and is able to put at your disposal offshore containers strategically situated across the Atlantic Ocean, with the machinery and tools needed to be used by our teams during transit.

Piping works during transit Hidramar International riding squads
Welding - Tubular Inspection Services


With fabrication, Welding is one of the most common type of steel repairs that our riding crews are experienced in. 

Our highly skilled personnel, can safely perform almost any kind of welding procedure, in almost any material. 

Hidramar Group is not only specialized in this kind of works, but also is certified by class societies in several range of welding material. 

Hidramar International Welding procedures

Hidramar Group is specialized in a wide range of welding metal alloys

  • WPS-020-003 – Root pass with FCAW in 2G position and filler with SAW
  • WPS-020-004 – Root pass with FCAW in 3G position and filler with SAW
  • WPS-016-003 – Root and filler SMAW 2G &3G
  • IT 75/12_FILLET – Welding with GTAW a 49mm dia pipe
  • WPS-016-001 – Root and filler FCAW 2G & 3G
  • WPS-022-001 (PWHT) – Root and filler FCAW 2G & 3G + PWHT
  • WPS-022-001 (PWHT)
  • WPS-016-001, WPS-016-003 following DNV-C401s.

International Welding Engineer

Our IWEs are also ready to help our clients during their projects.


Tanks should be in good conditions to ensure they operate efficiently and safely.

Our teams are ready to help your veesel during transit, with repairs like welding any crack or hole, replacing damaged sections of the tank or reinforcing weakened areas. 

Piping works during transit Hidramar International riding squads
Piping works during transit Hidramar International riding squads


From Ballast Water Treatment Systems to air ventilation or any other system made of pipes, the reality is just one: Pipes are an essential component of a vessel’s structure. 

Fortunately, our teams backed by decades of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, can help you solve any problem on-board. 

Our riding crews can repair or replace pipes or just damaged sections, welding any cracks or holes and reinforcing weakened areas. 


The deck of a vessel is constantly exposed to the elements, which can cause damage over time.

A riding crew from Hidramar International can move quickly to your location, and repair any element of the deck, like for example, welding new steel plates, replacing damaged sections and reinforcing weakened and corroded areas.

Tell our commercial team what you need, and you’ll get a first response in less than 24 hours.

Piping works during transit Hidramar International riding squads

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